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Esprit ~spirit~

Twenty years have passed since I returned to Japan after completing eight years of training in Europe. In the meantime, the environment surrounding French cuisine in the world dining scene has changed greatly. Even if you say French in one bite, the range of defense is expanding endlessly from classic to innovative cuisine.
I have traveled to many countries and even visited many places in Japan, meeting highly motivated producers and talented chefs. My current cooking is the culmination of those experiences.

Using the techniques of French cuisine, take these treasured fragments and put them into yourself, and spend time thinking about new expressions of cuisine. It may be the work of editing, which is the name of the store.
However, the premise is the deliciousness that can bring out the smiles of customers with one bite. Of course, there are individual differences in the sense of deliciousness. However, I believe that there is a deliciousness that is close to absolute pitch.
I want to get closer to that area, and I will spare no effort to go there one dish at a time.
While weaving our dishes according to the season, we will serve them as one course. Nothing would make me happier than to be surprised, delighted, and excited with each bite.
I don't want to pretend to be eccentric, but I don't want to rest on the power of the classics, but I want to always achieve rational evolution.
I want as many people in the world as possible to enjoy my cooking. 
This is the “Edition Koji Shimomura” that I am aiming for.
Owner Chef Koji Shimomura

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