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エディション・コウジ シモムラ
  エディション・コウジ シモムラ 下村浩司
EDITION Koji Shimomura
About Edition Koji Shimomura
Edition ? the restaurant name stems from my strong wish to offer a collection of food, atmosphere, and service comprehensively ‘edited' by myself; the “Shimomura Edition” restaurant.
Traditionally French cuisine creates new tastes by combining ingredients, whereas Japanese cuisine seeks to accentuate the flavors of the core ingredient. In this sense, my approach towards ingredients may be Japanese. I face the ingredients every day in order to reflect on how to get the most out of the original flavors and colors of the ingredients. As a result, the cuisine is sometimes prepared without any oil or fat such as butter or cream which is considered to be essential to French cuisine.
Menu and Service
You will not find a list of dishes on my menu. I only convey the best ingredients of the day to the customers, in order to create a customized menu according to their preferences. Your dishes may differ from the tables next to you, or even from your partner. This is the “haute couture cuisine” I would like to offer. Our service staff will converse directly with the customers. Every order will then be directly passed to the kitchen where I keep in close communication with the staff.

It is my wish that all my customers enjoy the cuisine in a comfortable ambience. To that effect, I have selected all the interiors including tables, chairs, table cloths, dishes, glasses, and cutlery, many of them being specially made for the restaurant.

The restaurant staff and myself are looking forward to serving you distinguished dishes and offering you a great atmosphere of Edition Koji Shimomura.
Owner Chef
Koji Shimomura